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Certain stairlifts may be more suitable for different homes and needs, which is why it’s important to carefully consider your options and seek professional advice before you invest.


I would like to offer my thanks to everyone involved in the purchase of my new stairlift, from Tom who kindly answered all my questions on the first phone call, through to Alex and Leon, who did such a brilliant job installing my new stairlift. more

Mr Hobbs | Kent

I really have to put my thanks in writing for such a wonderful experience... more

T.J Bailey | Bristol

My daughter persuaded me to buy a Stairlift and it has been the best advice ever. I no longer dread going upstairs now.

Mrs Fletcher | Staffs

Thank you very much for the excellent service we have received... more

A Cross | Islay

Compare Stairlifts

Certain stairlifts may be more suitable for different homes and needs, which is why it’s important to carefully consider your options and seek professional advice before you invest.

For example, staircases vary from property to property, ranging from straight to curved, with the former being much easier to cater for. However, with advanced technologies, bespoke stairlifts can also be designed in order to create a user-friendly addition for your home.

If you’re wondering which stairlift is right for you or someone you know, take a look at our basic stairlift comparison below.

Straight stairlifts

As the name suggests, straight stairlifts cannot go around bends or corners and are used for staircases such as those that run from a hallway to a landing in a straight line. These are often the cheapest stairlifts on the market, as the construction and installation process is much simpler, and are a great solution for those looking to adapt their home quickly for a low cost. There may even be straight stairlift offers available. There are many variants available when choosing a straight stairlift, which you can find out more about by reading our guide to stairlift options.

Curved stairlifts and bespoke stairlifts

Curved stairlifts cater for staircases that are spiral or turn corners and are usually made to order to accommodate for a wider range of configurations. This allows for a snug fit and will still give the user a safe and smooth ride. We provide a number of curved stairlift systems that are considered to be the best in the industry, offering the tightest track bends and a selection of colours in order to match your home décor. There are also stairlifts available which are designed specifically for multi-storey houses, meaning that those living in blocks of flats don’t have to be forced to relocate. For such communal buildings, it may also be worth enquiring about any curved stairlifts deals available.

In some instances, you may have the option to choose between two stairlifts or a curved stairlift. While choosing two straight stairlifts may be initially cheaper, they can end up costing more for maintenance, with curved stairlifts also looking much more aesthetically pleasing.

Outdoor stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts for the disabled are very beneficial for those who need access to their front doors or gardens that have become inaccessible due to outdoor stairs. Fully waterproofed, an outdoor stairlift is protected from the elements, with many also offering UV protected upholstery to ensure that they maintain their appearance. We also have outside stairlifts that have a key in order to prevent unauthorised use, and are available for both straight and curved outdoor staircases.

Perch stairlifts

For those who may have restricted movements in the knee or hip joints, perch stairlifts can be a more suitable option, as they do not require the user to sit down. This means that those in question will be more comfortable, with additional support still provided underneath the buttocks. Rather than being seated, the user will be in an upright perched position, which is almost standing, with a seatbelt to hold the body in place. If you’re interested in a low cost perch stairlift, or any other stairlift products, fill out our Request a Free Quote form below.

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