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Ways to have fun with your grandchildren

Any self-respecting grandparent would never say no to precious time with their grandchildren. Rain or shine, summer or winter, time with little ones is not an opportunity to be missed.


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Ways to have fun with your grandchildren

Any self-respecting grandparent would never say no to precious time with their grandchildren. Rain or shine, summer or winter, time with little ones is not an opportunity to be missed.

But for some grandparents, especially those with mobility issues to contend with, planning exciting and fruitful activities for the kids’ visit can be a task and a challenge. Will need of a stairlift, or other assistive technology make certain activities off limits? Are the grandkids able to help, or are they too young to contribute to the activities. There are many issues related to childcare by grandparents, but hopefully, added stress is not one of them.

Here are some suggestions as to ways you can make the most of spending time with the grandchildren:

Entertaining your grandchildren needn't be expensive. Simple things such as picnics, board games or a casual walk can be very enjoyable. Kids love to be hands-on, into things, so it’s a great idea to get them involved in whatever you do. If going out, include them in the preparation. If staying in, maybe some arts and crafts or baking cookies may be the right plan. 

Making Crafts

The great thing about arts and crafts is that it fulfils a child’s innate desire to get a bit messy. But it is also a way to get a memento of your time together. A bit of creative play is a perfect way to spend time with your grandchildren.

The materials needed for a great day are usually the things you are tossing out, or are filling your recycling bins. Old magazines, paper and recently read newspapers are fine starting points for a day of arts and crafts. Some white glue or glue sticks, water-based paints and some cheap paint brushes are all you need. Use some aprons to protect their clothes and a disposable table cloth to protect your table, and let them go creatively crazy.

One unique idea to try is mixing up a batch of paste. By using flour and water, and combined with balloons and strips of newspaper, they can have some fun with papier mache to create masks or 3-D art. For more ideas, here is a list of arts and crafts ideas.

Cooking with Kids

Maybe because it lets them feel like adults, or maybe they really like eating, cooking is a great way to spend time with your grandchildren. Baking cookies, cupcakes, cakes or pies are the best choice mostly because of the joy in getting to eat the finished product.

“Kids need to be introduced to cooking in a fun and engaging way,” TV chef and better eating advocate Jamie Oliver said recently. “A lot of people are intimidated by the prospect of cooking with their kids, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.”

There are healthier options as well. Smoothies and milkshakes with fresh fruit are fun, but a sneaky way to get in one of their five-a-day. On the savoury side of things, using pre-made pizza crusts or flatbreads will let you and the kids construct some amazing and tasty pizzas. For some more inspiration, here are the Great British Chefs’ Recipes for Kids.

Rain or shine

Although we all hope for sunny days, the weather should not affect your plans with the grandchildren. One great activity – rain or shine – is a picnic. Sandwiches, fruits, biscuits and treats, getting the kids to help you pack and plan are great ways to keep them interested. If the weather is nice, take the children to the nearest park and enjoy. If the rain is falling, the lounge and a blanket is the perfect setting for an indoor picnic.

If it is raining, maybe the kids would like to create a musical number to one of their favourite songs, or encourage them to create a play based on their favourite book or fairy tale. Another great suggestion is a treasure hunt. With sweets or trinkets from the pound shop as prizes, treasure maps can be made of the house or the back garden to let the kids become explorers.

At the end of the day, a perfect game to help them wind down is Sleeping Lions. As the proud grandparent, you can cut loose a bit by doing everything you can to make them move without actually touching them.

Your grandchildren are one of life’s great blessings and you deserve the chance to enjoy every minute you get to spend with them. With some planning, imagination, and a whole lot of fun, be prepared to create some amazing memories with them.

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