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  • Human contact for the elderly extremely important, study finds

    A recent study has shown that elderly people will benefit greatly from face-to-face contact with family and friends. Social interaction can greatly reduce the onset or negative effects of depression in older people, researchers found.

    16th October 2015

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  • New “smart” orthotics could help prevent falls by elderly

    As wearable technology becomes more and more popular, manufacturers are looking for ways to help people with the emerging technology. An American company has recently released a smart orthotic that may help prevent falls by elderly users.

    7th October 2015

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  • Retirement ages debated on a global scale

    For many of us, retirement is the finishing line to a very, very long work/life marathon. Every culture – and every government – looks at retirement differently. A recent report looking at the retirement wishes of Asian workers has shown just how different attitudes about retirement really are throughout the world.

    1st October 2015

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  • New Breakthrough in Reversing Effects of Ageing

    A potential research breakthrough may have pushed the boundaries of age further along in a major way. Pharmaceutical experts say they have discovered a way to stimulate new cell growth in muscles, joints and cartilage. If viable, it could change the very definition of ageing.

    30th September 2015

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  • Study finds mobile technology for elderly and disabled must be improved

    In this era of the tablet and the smartphone, computing power has never been more important – or mobile. But a recent report by the Institution of Engineering and Technology has shown tech developers have missed creating usable tools for independence-conscious elderly and disabled users in order to get the most out of public transportation.

    22nd September 2015

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  • Village-style retirement communities could benefit UK

    A recent report has highlighted the benefits of community-style living to help combat isolation and loneliness in old age. Experts are lifting up the American model for building retirement “villages” as a way to create better living conditions for the elderly.

    15th September 2015

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  • Robot nurses could revolutionise elderly care

    Robotic technology has been used in manufacturing, the automobile industry, and for other automated tasks. There have even been recent innovations in building driverless, robotic cars. In recent developments, the NHS has been trialling the use of robots to enhance patient care for pensioners needing companionship.

    15th September 2015

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  • Toyota to invest in driverless car technology

    The push towards driverless cars gained momentum recently after the announcement by automaker giant Toyota that they are investing almost £33 million into research and development. Their goal is to create the necessary automation technology that will make the venture viable.


    10th September 2015

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