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  • Fears around growing household bills cause elderly to ration heating this winter

    As the Met Office warns of plummeting temperatures, a new survey reveals how many British pensioners plan to hold off on turning up their heating dial to cut high winter fuel bills.

    14th January 2016

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  • Learning something new from YouTube today

    This summer in Beijing, a young man from Kenya won a gold medal in the javelin competition at the World Athletics Championships. Although some headlines pointed to the fact it was Kenya’s first-ever field event medal, even more people were stunned to find out that Julius Yego learned to throw by watching YouTube. 

    5th January 2016

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  • UK’s retired hold the majority share of wealth but is this affluence affecting them?

    The retired enjoy a larger share of the UK’s wealth, overtaking those aged under 45, according to a new report from Resolution Foundation. New research suggests that British seniors control 19% of the total wealth for the country and despite there being two-and-a-half times more under 45s living in the UK, in comparison this younger group only hold 16%.

    5th January 2016

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  • Greater access to healthcare information needed for over 65s

    recent report suggests that seniors living in the UK are less likely to give negative feedback about poor health care or, as is more likely the case, have had no introduction to how to go about issuing complaints – a scenario that is prompting age awareness organisations to call for simpler access to this procedure.

    30th December 2015

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  • New Year’s Resolutions for a healthier, happier 2016

    It’s another year. But, more importantly, it’s another year to enjoy.

    New Year’s Resolutions are often made, but sadly many are discarded by March. This year, in a commitment to yourself, your health and your independence, here are some tips to making some resolutions that will surely make 2016 a happy one for you and the people in your life.

    29th December 2015

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  • Innovations in the assistance technology sector

    In recent years, there have been tremendous efforts to spur on research and development into new and innovative ways to help people stay mobile and independent. With computing power, 3D printing and artificial intelligence all gaining importance, tech developers are beginning to open up pathways to new and, sometimes, life-changing products. 

    24th December 2015

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  • People live longer, more active lives according to new figures

    Today’s seniors live more active lives into their later years, bringing with it the need to support independence long into retirement as ‘old age’ is redefined following new data from the United Nations.


    22nd December 2015

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  • Elderly people could be at risk of overpaying on energy bills

    The cold snap is here to stay, for the foreseeable future at least. Naturally, our gas and electricity consumption is likely to climb as heating our homes and warding off the long winter nights becomes essential but the elederly could be at risk of overpaying on their energy bills this year.

    15th December 2015

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